Lee Jong-Suk ” VARIETY ” in Taipei

Lee Jong-suk made starring "W- Two Worlds", plot compact, theme novel, now "W Two Worlds" has become a hot topic of the web,
 Korea ratings soared to 13 levels. Han Lee Jong-suk to become the next generation of national husband. October 22 this year
 will be held at National Taiwan University Stadium.

2016 LEE JOUNG SUK FANMEETING "VARIETY" IN TAIPEI first stop "in. Although not the first visit to Taiwan, but Taiwanese actor Lee
Jong-suk very miss the fans. Lee Jong-suk in May this year signed a new owner, the brokerage firm YG said the tour will meet Variety
Lee Jong-suk, will bring new content, and sang songs, so fans favorite Lee Jong-suk, to have a memorable experience.
Recently Lee Jong-suk isIn full swing shifts, W, and admits very busy, but for love of his fans, will continue its efforts to bring more
exciting play, you lost sister who you feel bad if it's male God, do not missed the 2016 will be met, as you cheer the new National husband.